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The following ARTICLES emphasise welfare issues important in the care and management particularly of horses, with some on cats.


They endorse the FIVE FREEDOMS intrinsic to any animal welfare legislation and outlined in the proposed Universal Declaration for the Welfare of Animals.

They also endorse the RSPCA Australia Animals Charter, in particular that "Animals have an intrinsic value of their own and, accordingly, must be considered to possess the right to live in a way which enables them to have a positive life and to develop and enjoy their inherent qualities". In other words, even the most domesticated companion animals have the right to exist for themselves, in their own space and according to their natural behaviour.




--- Dogs in utes ---


Many thousands of dogs have been injured or killed as a result of travelling unrestrained in the back of utes, also they cause accidents to other road users trying to avoid them if they fall. In Queensland it is an offence under both the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 and the Transport Operations (Road Use Management - Road Rules)  Regulation 1999 to allow dogs to travel unrestrained in the back of utes, one-tonners, tray backs or trucks. They must be either tethered or caged. If tethered, secure the dog by a well-fitting collar to a point midway along the back of the cabin. There must be sufficient lead to permit the dog to move and lie down normally. Ensure protection from wind, dust, sun and hot metal floors. Allow adequate stops for water during long journeys.



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Animal/human bond  

Overview plus specific sections on the cat-human bond and horse-human bond


Indoor vs outdoor cats with emphasis on environmental enrichment  New!

The truth about cats and wildlife  Updated!

Cat welfare: the indoor outdoor cats debate 

Cat welfare: collars and bells 


Horse slaughter and horsemeat: the facts 

As the title says, just the facts. Not graphic.

Horse welfare legislation in Australia

Horse terminology, points, colours, brands, markings

Horse care and management for beginners  New!

Horse welfare: thermoregulation, rugs and rugging, overrugging

Horse welfare: paddocking, stabling, stable vices  Updated!

Horse welfare: behaviour and intelligence

Horse welfare: breaking-in, restraint, tack and gear

Horse welfare: breeding and foaling practices

Horse welfare: nutrition and feeding

Horse welfare: transport and floating

Horse conformation and soundness

The horse in sickness and in health  Updated!

Horse: Skin conditions and external parasites 

Care and feeding of horses in poor condition  New!

Laminitis and founder in horses New!

Horse welfare: worms and parasites 

Foals: handling and care 

Note: Orphan foals are dealt with under Practical Feeding in the Nutrition section.


Horse breeds of Australia





ANIMAL CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL ACI provides expert assistance for animal protection projects worldwide.

ANIMALS AUSTRALIA Australia's second largest animal protection organization with a proven track record of exposing animal exploitation. Live export trade, farrowing crates, battery hens, animal testing ....

AUSTRALIAN ASSOCIATION FOR HUMANE RESEARCH Animal experiments hurt people too! There IS a better way ....

VOICELESS Promotes respect and compassion for animals, increases awareness of conditions in which they live and takes action to protect animals from suffering.

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