Cleveland and Associates have a long and proud history supporting the Australian magazine printing and mailing industry.

  • PrintPost software solution since 1999
  • Offices in Sydney and Wollongong
  • Supporting lodgement in all cities, from Brisbane to Perth

For additional information, Contact Ken Cleveland @ 02 9568 2420

Is a tool designed to meet the needs of processing Print Post, achieving the lowest possible costs in postage and production.

OptiMail prepares in excess of 33 % of all Print Post lodged with Australia Post. It operates from the largest to some of the smallest facilities processing and lodging Print Post.

OptiMail is a complete solution for meeting the requirements of PrintPost :

  • Price Optimisation
  • Job Consolidation, approved by Australia Post
  • All manifests and reports, to Australia Post PIP requirements
  • Partial lodgements
  • VISA Tray Label Output
  • AP e-LMS lodgement
  • BMP for Print Post
  • Recovery facility provides a method to recover from a situation where a job was setup and flysheets printed using the wrong weight and/or thickness
  • Consolidation Recovery facility provides a method where a job was setup and flysheets printed to linehaul On-Its-Own can be directed to a Consolidated linehaul and vice-versa
  • Postage Register {AP lodgement and financial data download}
  • Multiple copies per address, transitioning from Clean Mail to Large Letters (2Kg) to Packets to Small Parcels to Parcels / Full Rate and Consolidated Shipments of Small to Large Articles to Parcel, all with the reflective costs, reports and minimized e-LMS lodgements
  • De-select Multiple components to treat "On-Its-Own"
  • On-Its-Own Parcel Lodgement, for PrintPost, BPS, Full Rate parcels and eParcels
  • Wide range of Address Panel Sort/Print formats supported
  • Additional data output for job control and kickers
  • Archive and Restore
  • Modern Web-Based Solution
  • Business access / integration to in house information systems
  • Only One Licence required per Site - for any number of users

OptiMail is provided in three editions:

  1. The On-Its-Own Edition processing stand alone Linehaul Print Post.
  2. The Consolidation Edition aggregating multiple job Linehaul Shipment
  3. Premium Multi-Copy Edition

Consolidated Print Post is acknowledged by AP as a profit stream to the mailer.

With the increasing management overheads required by AP in lodging Print Post with manifesting, PIP and BMP, OptiMail continues to lead with the complete solution.

For additional information, Contact Ken @ 02 9568 2420

OptiMail supports open standards for easy integration into your workflow processes.

  • Integrate OptiMail PrintPost Solution into your whole process, from quotation through to invoicing
  • Sample code available to licenced customers of OptiMail
  • Consulting Services available

For additional information, Contact Rod @ optimail . com . au