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When creating a publication, why is the mailing house account shown?

When adding a new publication, it is normally associated with the publisher’s account.

If it will usually be charged to the Mailing House account, select “No” to the questions “Normally post on customer acct?” and “Normally linehaul on customer acct?”

However, if the publisher doesn’t have an account, or the Mailing House is the publisher, you can select the Mailing House account for the publication.

Why can’t I create a Print Post job without entering an account?

Previously, if eLMS was turned off, you could enter a job without publication or account, maybe for quotation purposes.

Now, the job entry process has been brought into alignment for all types of articles, whether eLMS is on or off. Now it is recommended to create a publication called “None”, and and account called “None”, which can be used in these situations.