OptiMail v6.58 released Aug 2020:

  • New sortplan from Australia Post
  • Has small effect on pricing, typically up or down by 0.1%, due to some postcodes in SA moving between PSI/BSI.

OptiMail v6.18 released Sept 2018:

  • Update for the 3rd September 2018 sortplan changes
  • Requires the September update to the VISA Tray Label Management system


It is recommended to update both VISA TLMS, and OptiMail on Monday 3rd September before the start of work, or sometime over the weekend before that date. The earliest date to apply both updates is Friday 31st August.

If any jobs entered before that date have not yet shipped, it will be necessary to update the job, and run off new tray labels. This is due to the incompatible change whereby ACT PSI 150 is replaced with PSI 019. Any labels for the ACT or nearby areas, formerly PSI 190 and 198, are affected.

v6.18 vs v6.16: On 5th-Sept it was discovered that PC 8012 was removed per an incorrect advisory from AP. This postcode is re-instated in v6.18.

There is an update to the automation package in your download area too. This is non-essential. The updates are very minor:

  1. A new error message is given if a job has overseas articles but the overseas pricing table is not setup.
  2. There is a new command ‘bundle’ to set the same state PrintPost to bundled or trayed on a given job, overruling the global setting:

bundle job123 y (set ‘job123’ to bundled rather than trayed)

New support website:

  • support tickets to track the progress of a problem report
  • software downloads via web browser rather than FTP